Road to Happiness

Believe in yourself. Love, Happiness, and Success are Waiting!

About The Book

I refer to this book as my pocket guide to life and although I am a professional pilot, trained in aeronautical sciences, I have spent my entire life working with crewmembers, passengers, and people in an environment that brings out the best, and the worst, in people. It has been said that pilots are paid for those few moments of absolute terror when everything goes wrong in the airplane, and this is true to a degree, but the real truth is that as the Captain your job is to deal with people and keep things moving on schedule. I have spent a lot of time in airport terminals just watching people, listening to opinions, dealing with passengers anxiety, and as a result of that experience, gained over forty years, I have been able to identify common threads associated with most problems.

This book will cover a number of topics, such as God, regrets, happiness, and love, and the discussions we will have has talking points that are as old as time. People are people and time has not changed the way people react to the world in which they live; however, I use as few words as possible so as not to distract from the words that I do use. Remember the acronym KISS – “Keep it Simple Stupid,” and remember that life is for living. Tomorrow morning when you wake up your life is one day shorter.

You are a winner. You are in control of the outcome of each day of your life, and you are never too old to change. You can’t dream your life away so find your passion in life and then, and only then, will you understand the meaning of life, love and commitment. Happiness is waiting and remember, today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

What’s inside

Chapter 1

Believe In Yourself  -You Are Not Alone-


In a world of uncertainty, where we leave much of our existence to chance, I can promise you without question, that life on our planet was not created by persons from another world and our scientific community did not create our universe in their laboratory.

Now, if I can say with certainty that there are no people from another world, or scientist, involved with our creation can I also say the same about happiness and success? Yes, I can.

I can also say with absolute certainty that at the very moment we are born we begin to die; however, this journey from birth to death does not have to be a sad one.”

There will of course be bad days mixed in with the good days, but your happiness and success will not be accidental. This part of your life is a byproduct of your beliefs and your actions.

Now, let me tell you what else I know to be true about our universe, life, death, and happiness.

There is a Universal Power Source and your personal belief in that Universal Power Source, and yourself, will make you stronger mentally, more self-confident, and a happier person.

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About the author.

Robert is currently working on a new book titled “The Ten Commandments of Love” and should be complete by December of this year.

Robert is also involved in educating people about the tragedy of Tibet and has written a book on the subject – for an update on all things Tibet, and how they lost their country to China, go to

For aviation enthusiast, Robert has a website devoted to aviation, and this can be found here –

Robert continues to support many different causes around the world which includes freedom for Tibet, freedom for the Afghan people, and exposing the tragedy of Native Americans in North and South America. He invites everyone to join him in his efforts.

I am a native of the Carolinas, but I have been on the move most of my life. I am currently living in Texas with my wife and daughter, but we call Bogota, Colombia home now which is where my wife is from.

I have traveled the world most of my life and I have learned a lot about myself, and the people of the world; however, the most important learning point is how all of the people in the world seem to forget the history of their countries and who the real victims are.

My most recent book, “Road To Happiness,” talks about a number of issues but the one I always like to highlight is don’t make yourself a victim.

Enjoy my new book, try some of my other books when time permits, and reconnect with our history/your history; however, please help me support the real victims in life and always remember that life is for living and we all need to work together for a brighter future.

Robert Novell

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